Infrastructure Monitoring

Critical infrastructure such as highways, roads, viaducts and bridges, play a crucial role in the economic growth and development of the society. However territorial changes, natural or man-made, can have a strong negative impact on critical infrastructures both in terms of efficiency and safety.

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The Gisky solution for infrastructure monitoring is based on a modular-structured service for monitoring bridges and viaducts through the capability to set up the interaction of ESRI GIS Service Platform with some modules as

  • PSInSAR for interferometric analysis
  • GNSS and IoT sensors for static and dynamic monitoring
  • 3D modelling (BIM model of the infrastructure)
  • Blockchain module for secure communication protocols.
  • Optional SATCOM communication channels in case of emergency.
Operationally, the solution is based on a Decision-Making Dashboard (DMD) designed to facilitate access, handling, and analysis of large amounts of geospatial data with no need of technical skills, supported by a GIS professional platform. The DMD includes field tools designed both as ground-based data-entry points and as a field access to the platform data.

HOW SYSTEM WORKS: from design to operational phase - Inputs

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